The ultimate reason SCL was created is to glorify God. God is glorified when his goodness is seen. His goodness is seen when people understand that His will and desire is for the good and happiness of individuals and society which He loves (Aquinas, The Summa Part I: God, from IEP http://www.iep.utm.edu/aquinas/). Since true liberty is the key to happiness, God made man with the unalienable right and desire to be free. The mission of SCL is to publish, teach, inform, share, and discuss the power and benefits of true liberty for the good of individuals and society to the glory of God.



The major goal of SCL is to establish the moral high ground of grace and freedom over unjust law and unconstitutional government in today’s culture war by influencing change in the philosophical landscape and conventional wisdom of our popular culture from the interest of national government, AKA “public interest”, as primarily important in society, to the private interests of individuals and families, and local interests as primarily important in society.



SCL seeks to offer a clean, easily accessed and understood, user-friendly website that attracts and is used by as many people as possible.



Man was created in God’s image and was intended to be free. But today, freedom is unknown or misunderstood in many ways. SCL seeks to promote greater understanding of the value of freedom, especially in the following areas:

  • Spiritual/Personal Awakening and Freedom through the gospel of the grace of Christ. A second component is finding personal freedom from specific dysfunction and abuse to find happiness and success in life through God’s grace.
  • Political Rebirth of Freedom through the reinstatement of the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land to protect individual freedom against the federal government.
  • Economic Renewal and Freedom through the free market economy which is individual freedom in action.
  • Individual Freedom through a greater understanding of just law and elimination of unjust law which interferes with the private, personal choices of individual adults.
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