Dear Mr Trump

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God bless you for the sacrifices you are making to make America great again.

As we continue to see, the Clintons, Obama, media, and the Left in their secret counsels devise trickery and deception to stop you. They will fail.

The latest device is this Khizr Khan, a Muslin immigration lawyer who apparently adheres to Sharia law which is unconstitutional and, therefore, invalid law and illegal in the U.S. And as expected, your response and defense against Khan’s vicious attacks on you are being criticized in the media, of course taking the focus off the criminality of your opponent, with the likes of Obama declaring you as “unfit” for office. And as Bill O’Reilly mentioned to you the other night, the Clinton campaign strategy similarly is to stay away from any substantive issue which they lose out of the gate, but instead to focus on how Trump is “unfit” for office

Mr. Trump, you have the PERFECT counter to that. It’s called RULING ELITISM, the doctrine of those in the self-appointed ruling class, the antithesis of what America stands for.

Obama and Hillary are precisely the ones who are unfit for office because they are career politicians and, therefore, are presumed to be corrupt. The average American is much more fit for office than Obama or Hillary or any of their Leftist corrupt-politician buddies.

The corrupt ruling elite believe and want us to believe that ordinary Americans – those who are not steeped in the political class like yourself and many of the rest of us – are “unfit” for office when in fact those in the “political class” are precisely the ones unfit for office in their corruption as career politicians. In their minds, only certain specially chosen politicians are fit. That is political elitism, a form of the Divine Right of Kings. The doctrine of the ruling class. It is the antithesis of what America stands for and has always stood for.

What these quislings really want is tyranny and power by taking money belonging to the American People to rule over them. As Reagan did, so you Mr. Trump must do and I believe will do – shine the light on how despicable these characters are and hammer these points home until these traitors have nowhere to go but hide somewhere, maybe even joining their Islomofacist friends in their caves.

God bless you in the good fight for freedom and faith and may God bless America.

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