Home Depot co-founder: Attacking businesses doesn’t make sense

Attacking business is attacking the goose that laid the golden egg.

This is where Trump is off. The problem never has been, is not now, nor never will be the voluntary cooperation of buyers and sellers in the market economy free from government interference.

The problem IS government interference which is why business are fleeing the country. Minimum wage, high taxes, suffocating regulations, and government protection of unions are the major reasons businesses are fleeing our country. Tariffs are a palliative measure appearing to address the problem but do not and actually makes matters worse.

Trump has addressed high taxes and regulations. He MUST address minimum wage, a DIRECT JOB KILLER and an anti-business and anti-jobs requirement that is also utterly unconstitutional at the federal level. Trump also need to address getting grid of unconstitutional federal protection of unions. Unions are another anti-business, anti-jobs entity that must be put into the competitive market economy of supply and demand free from government interference. If unions survive the supply and demand of the marketplace so be it, but they will have to be much better than they are now.

Regardless of politics, Trump must do what’s right by attacking the sources of our economic malaise and the causes of businesses fleeing our country. Unconstitutional job-and-business-killer minimum wage remains unopposed because of politics. But Trump must rise above this and eliminate federal minimum wage as well as unconstitutional federal union protection in order to fulfill his pledge to Make America Great Again.

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