It’s Morning Again in America

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” Isaiah 43:19.

America has just been through some of its darkest days since the Reagan Administration, the darkest being the last eight years under Obama. God has just delivered us from the prospect of more and greater darkness that would have certainly destroyed America and with it, the world. God in his grace and mercy has good things in mind for us in the next few decades.

Let us rejoice and be glad in this new breath of fresh air of freedom in our country.

At some point soon, let us also consider where we are and what still needs to be done.

The Trump presidency is a miracle as was the birth of America. God birthed America to be a light of freedom and salvation to the world and God isn’t done with America or the world. There is still much to be done. Trump is only the first step in the rebirth of freedom in America and what has to be done is too big for man. Only God can accomplish what yet needs to happen with our cooperation.

Here’s a partial list of things yet to be accomplished by God’s grace in order for America to have a genuine rebirth of its Free Constitutional Republic

  1. The American People need to return to trusting God as their confidence and source and turn away from trusting in man and his government. We need to remember that the essence of the Constitution is LIMITING the federal government’s scope and power, and PROTECTING our individual God-given freedoms.
  2. Remember that the greatest darkness in our country has come from the unconstitutional acts of our mostly unconstitutional federal government. The Constitution MUST be reinstated as the Supreme Law of the Land against the feds.
  3. Trump’s 100-day Contract with America is a good start.
  4. States must begin extricating themselves from slavish financial dependency on the federal government and begin exercising their constitutional sovereignty in nullifying and rejecting unconstitutional acts of the feds, which by definition is tyranny. It is time for the states and the people to become what we were at our founding: INDEPENDENT. We need to embrace RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM once again.
  5. The American People must relearn the value of THEIR God-given freedom and THEIR Constitution which protects their freedom. Sooner or later, this means dismantling the unconstitutional 80+% of the federal government including eliminating most of the unconstitutional cabinet bureaucracies and completely abolishing the utterly unconstitutional and destructive Regulatory/Administrative State. This would mean sending hundreds of thousands of federal officials, bureaucratic heads, and government workers home packing without a job. Temporarily sad for them, permanently great for America. It also means limiting the scope of Supreme Court decisions to their constitutional boundaries.
  6. I know of no power or force on earth that could make this happen and yet it is EXACTLY what needs to happen to restore America’s Free Constitutional Republic. By God’s grace and mercy it will happen. It’s already started as many have vowed to leave the government and the country if Trump is elected. My answer: “How can I help?” Another miracle. Thank you Lord.

  7. Godly grace-based Christians who understand and love liberty must rise to the top of America’s institutions and take command. That includes the fields of Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Law, Government, Politics, Media, Science, and Religion.
  8. Our economy must rid itself of unconstitutional governmental socialist economic interference and once again become a free economy. That includes healthcare and many other enterprises. The free market economy creates wealth and availability as it always has in America far beyond whatever’s in second place. Socialism is not only unconstitutional, it only leads to poverty, born out in theory and historical fact repeated consistently numerous times to the blindness and deafness of the Left. The free market economy creates wealth. Unconstitutional and unjust government creates poverty. Again, the American People need to embrace INDEPENDENCE from the feds because independence is what made and will make America and Americans the happiest, strongest, wealthiest, and greatest people on earth. The free market economy is freedom in action.
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