Christians and freedom-lovers need to take back the reigns of our institutions – government, media, education, and the arts. We need to bone up on and clearly define the meaning of our precious, easily-stolen, God-given liberties and freedoms and get ready to fight for them. I’ve generally defined liberty or freedom as both 1) the ability to pursue what you want and to pursue what is beneficial to your own self-interests and 2) the absence of wrongful interference of those pursuits from any outside force including wrongful government interference or unjust laws. I’ve broken the subject of liberty into four distinct but overlapping categories: personal/spiritual freedom, individual freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom.

  1. PERSONAL/SPIRITUAL FREEDOM: Knowing the Grace of Jesus Christ and Who You Are in Him. We find personal/spiritual freedom when we receive Christ and we reign in life by the abundance of the grace of Christ and the gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17). Christ reigning in us is really the key to our ability to acquire and maintain the three other freedoms listed below. Many of us also need to identify the specific effects of the dysfunction or possible abuse that we may have suffered growing up and/or in our adult life. Identifying any core issue or unresolved conflict in our life helps us to clarify what we are giving to God and relearn how to live happily, successfully, and free in his grace. Recommended reading (besides the Bible): Charles Whitfield, Healing the Child Within (defines the problem – VERY helpful) Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign (defines the solution – life changing truths of the gospel of the grace of Christ which will set you free)
  2. INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM: The Absence of Unjust Laws. Individual freedom is defined in the Declaration of Independence as the God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Individual freedom is protected by the absence of unjust government action which normally comes in the form of coercion or laws. The fewer the laws, the better. The more just the laws, the better. An unjust law is one that interferes with your adult, private, personal choices. Recommended reading and listening: Milton Friedman, Free to Choose; Milton Friedman, Lectures and interviews on YouTube. Samples: ;
  3. POLITICAL FREEDOM: The Rule of Law of the U.S. Constitution. Political freedom is political governance by a fixed and known rule of law rather than an unknown and/or unforeseeable whim of the rule of man (AKA tyranny). Political freedom protects individual freedom. In America, political freedom is the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land which presides over every central government action, law, or court decision and invalidates that which violates the Constitution as written and originally understood and intended. A Supreme Court Justice’s personal moral or legal views of natural law and other things do not trump his judicial duty to apply the Constitution as written and originally understood and intended to the facts of the case. A Justice who inserts his own personal moral views in place of or in addition to the text and original intent of the Constitution as the basis for his reasoning and decision is committing judicial activism and is amending the Constitution from the bench – what has been going on for way too long. States must reclaim their constitutional sovereignty and reject and nullify unconstitutional federal acts which by definition are acts of tyranny and treason. BUT in order to do this, states must also fully prepare for FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE from the feds. We must renew our resolve as states and individuals to be INDEPENDENT and take back our freedoms from the feds. Recommended reading: Robert Bork, The Tempting of America
  4. ECONOMIC FREEDOM: The Free Market Economy. Economic freedom and the free market economy – AKA capitalism AKA the free enterprise system – is the voluntary cooperation of buyers and sellers in the competitive marketplace free from government interference. Economics in general and the free market in particular is a greatly misunderstood area and is addressed as its own category on this website. The free market economy is FREEDOM IN ACTION. Recommended reading: Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom; Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations
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