Definition: Knowing the grace of Jesus Christ and who you are in Him.

Overview: We find personal/spiritual freedom when we receive Christ and we reign in life by the abundance of the grace of Christ and the gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17). Christ reigning in us is really the key to our ability to acquire and maintain the three other freedoms listed below. Many of us also need to identify the specific effects of the dysfunction or possible abuse that we may have suffered growing up and/or in our adult life. Identifying any core issue or unresolved conflict in our life helps us to clarify and understand our freedom in Christ and relearn how to live happily, successfully, and free in his grace. Recommended reading (besides the Bible): Charles Whitfield,  Healing the Child Within (defines the problem – VERY helpful) Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign (defines the solution – life changing truths of the gospel of the grace of Christ which will set you free)

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