Obama Has Heightened Black Hatred, Envy, and Dysfunction to a Frenzied Level

Reference: N.J. woman enraged by ‘fancy white people’ attacks man, Porsche with hammer: cops



SCL Comment: Obama has ratified and elevated black hatred and envy of whites to a frenzied level.

Obama never helped blacks to stop their self-hatred and self-loathing that is rife within their culture. Very few have offered black culture the right message – take responsibility for yourselves, work hard, and fight against abuse and dysfunction within your families, within the black culture, and against whites and others.  Justice Clarence Thomas is among those few courageous black public figures who have stood against the politically-correct maintenance of the dysfunction in black culture in favor of the independence and well-being of blacks.

Instead, Obama, much like Martin Luther King, whose celebration is misguided, worked to grow the coercive power of the federal government which IMO has led to a heightened attitude of entitlement, more government dependency, and more dysfunction.

Instead of helping blacks to take stock of themselves and take responsibility for themselves, Obama fanned the flames of their cultural quagmire of dysfunction and self-destruction and destruction of others. Most of us know Obama was by far the most destructive President we’ve ever had – to his own people as well as to the rest of us.

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