Our Civil War: Political Victory is Necessary But Not Sufficient. Spiritual Victory is Essential

America is in a civil war which at its root is a spiritual battle between light and darkness. Christians cannot and should not run away from it. By God’s grace we must face it prayerfully and confidently, not with anger or hatred in our hearts toward our fellow man, but with a resolve that freedom is worth fighting for and if necessary, dying for.

The casualties of this war have so far mostly been the 70K+ defenseless unborn. God assigns different roles to different people in this war. In the American Civil War of 1861-1865, many Christians fought and died at the hands of other Christians. Many were sorrowful that they were fighting brother against brother. They didn’t fight because they had hatred in their hearts for their fellow man but because they believed freedom was worth fighting and dying for.

World War II was fought by many Christians who killed many people, not because they had hatred in their hearts for their fellow man, but because they believed freedom was worth fighting and dying for if necessary. Wonderful Christian people like Reese Howells were intercessors during this dark time and I believe broke through the darkness in intercessory prayer winning the spiritual battle ahead of the physical battle that had to also be waged.

Again, some Christians were assigned to intercede and not fight physically and some were assigned to physically fight, bleed, and die, but I’m sure they prayed – a lot.

We haven’t come to blows yet, but there have been massive casualties nevertheless. Right now, the fight is for the hearts and minds of the American People and is being waged at the spiritual level as well as the political and social level. We as Christians of course need to pray. But that doesn’t mean some of us should not also fight for those hearts and minds, not just at the spiritual level, but also at the political and social level. That is how our country was born.

But as with our nation’s birth, so now, our trust must be in the Hand of Providence of our God who miraculously birthed our country and will now by His mercy and grace, miraculously save and restore our country and its freedoms – spiritual freedom under the gospel of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and political freedom under the Constitution.

We also cannot ignore the root problem in our country which is spiritual – hearts must once again turn to trusting God for their lives and well-being rather than trusting man and his government for their welfare (Ps 118:8). Political victory is necessary but not sufficient. Spiritual victory is essential. I don’t believe freedom can be long maintained without hearts surrendered to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and his amazing grace.

God bless you for your part in piecing the darkness with the light of Christ by whom came grace and truth.

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