The Women’s Movement – Satan’s Tool for the Destruction of the Family and Society

Reference: President Donald Trump Speech with Melania Trump at The Women’s Empowerment Panel 2017


SCL Comment: The women’s movement is a major player in the breakdown of the family which breakdown threatens the well-being of our society and nation.

The women’s movement began in the garden when Eve, deceived by Satan, took the bait of self-exaltation and Adam who was not deceived, went along with it (1 Timothy 2:14). That is why women are instructed by God through Scripture to “be under obedience” and as “the head of every man is Christ”, so “the head of the woman is the man” (1 Cor 14:34, 11:3). Women are meant to be keepers at home and obedient to their own husbands (2 Titus 2:5).

We are living in an age unlike like any in the last 5000 years of recorded history. Until around 1900, history records that the world always sought to know and find God which is the essence of religion. But beginning around 1900, the world began to turn away from God and the Bible because, especially with the discoveries and inventions of the modern age, people began to feel that they had no need of God.

In this godless age, Eve is especially susceptible to deception. Without God, she is greatly vulnerable to being beguiled into rebellion, rejecting men as her head, rejecting their role as homemakers, forsaking their own soft, warm, and modest feminine nature, susceptible to sexual promiscuity, in competition with men forsaking their children and families, and, finally, the ultimate “freedom” of killing their unborn to the tune of many tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of abortions – the modern-day bloodbath of infanticide.

“Equality for women” is a major argument for the women’s movement. They argue that women’s roles of being keepers at home and obedient to their own husbands (2 Titus 2:5) leads to abuse and disrespect. But man’s misapplication of the truth does not negate the truth.

Unlike abusive Islam, the Biblical difference in God-given roles between men and women does not mean a difference in the value of each man and woman. Women are co-heirs of salvation the same as men, and men are to honor women as such “as the weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7). God values women as much as men. But equality of value does not translate into equality of roles. The difference in roles brings peace to the family and society. Equality of roles in the name of equity of value is a modern-day confusion and lie.

The women’s movement is full tilt rebellion against God and man fueled by the same serpent who deceived Eve at the beginning. In this case, no government made it happen. Government just became the great enabler.

Obama Has Heightened Black Hatred, Envy, and Dysfunction to a Frenzied Level

Reference: N.J. woman enraged by ‘fancy white people’ attacks man, Porsche with hammer: cops


SCL Comment: Obama has ratified and elevated black hatred and envy of whites to a frenzied level.

Obama never helped blacks to stop their self-hatred and self-loathing that is rife within their culture. Very few have offered black culture the right message – take responsibility for yourselves, work hard, and fight against abuse and dysfunction within your families, within the black culture, and against whites and others.  Justice Clarence Thomas is among those few courageous black public figures who have stood against the politically-correct maintenance of the dysfunction in black culture in favor of the independence and well-being of blacks.

Instead, Obama, much like Martin Luther King, whose celebration is misguided, worked to grow the coercive power of the federal government which IMO has led to a heightened attitude of entitlement, more government dependency, and more dysfunction.

Instead of helping blacks to take stock of themselves and take responsibility for themselves, Obama fanned the flames of their cultural quagmire of dysfunction and self-destruction and destruction of others. Most of us know Obama was by far the most destructive President we’ve ever had – to his own people as well as to the rest of us.

The Moral Argument for the Free Market Economy as the ONLY Acceptable Alternative to Government-Run Healthcare

The greatest moral argument for the free market is the freedom of individuals pursuing their hopes and dreams without government coercion or interference. Freedom is America’s greatest virtue and moral value. Freedom is a God-given right to every man and the inherent desire to be free from government oppression and coercion is so strong in man, he will die to get it and die to defend it. Many have died in the defense of American freedom and many have died trying to escape tyranny to reach a free America.

Defending freedom in peacetime has proven to be more difficult than in wartime. Government weasels its way into our lives with promises of making life better. The demagogues sell it, the gullible buy it. But trading one’s freedom for a “better life” government program, be it “The Great Society” or any the welfare program before or since, is always a losing transaction. The results of all these government social programs that manage people’s lives have been an increase in poverty.

Government never delivers “a better life”, only more restraint on individual freedom and the individual’s ability to improve his own life. Government was never designed to improve anyone’s life and doesn’t care about improving it. Government was designed to protect your freedom. Outside of its protective role, government creates poverty. The individual, not government, cares about to improving his life. The historical record shows that in the role of managing people’s lives, government always creates more poverty. But wealth is created by the free market, borne out by the historical record of America in the 1800’s until the early 1900’s.

Misapplied to the free market, the saying that “greed has little or no concern for the doctor patient relationship or the health of the individual” is actually a perfect description of how government works when it unconstitutionally meddles in our lives. Greed, corruption, and theft is found in greater magnitude in government than anywhere else. Government wants to insert itself into every facet of your life that it possibly can because it wants YOUR money and MORE power. The federal government is NOT your friend. It was never designed to be you friend and was never meant to be your friend.


Government Healthcare vs. Free Market healthcare

The feds’ desire to commandeer your healthcare has NOTHING to do with your health at all but it has everything to do with greed and avarice. A distant, bloated, and stupid bureaucracy with a bureaucratic head who wants to expand his fiefdom with more power and more of your money, inserts itself between you and your doctor while knowing and caring little about you or your doctor. Government healthcare is like turning your doctor’s office and hospital into the DMV. “Take a number. What? You’re dying? Sorry, we can’t do anything about that. Sit down, and shut up. Maybe we’ll call your number.” We need to get that.

We need to understand that federal meddling in healthcare is patently unconstitutional. That alone should be the end of the debate but, sadly, does not seem to be.

So we also need to understand what the free market is. The free market is the voluntary cooperation between buyers and sellers pursing their interests in the open competition of the marketplace. It is freedom in action. It is what made America the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth until the feds unconstitutionally began weakening individual freedom in America since about the mid 1930’s.

The opportunities and incentives in the free market economy tends to bring out the best in people: initiative, imagination, ingenuity, inspiration and integrity all in the self-interest of free pursuits in the marketplace between buyers and sellers. Generally, a free people are strong morally, spiritually, and economically. America, especially in the 1800’s, is a good example of a market economy free from government interference where the average American was better off than those in other countries. Little, resource-poor Hong Kong is another example of the wealth created by a free market economy.

In contrast, a government command-and-control economy saps initiative because there is very little opportunity or incentive. That is why socialist countries around the world like Russia, China, and Mexico are so poor economically. In contrast to its generally backward poor agrarian economy, Communist China’s almost overnight successes in its “free-trade zones” like Shanghai show at least the potential of what free markets can do.

The best healthcare is where there is a direct relationship between the patient (buyer) who is free to choose his doctor, and the doctor (the seller) who is free to charge whatever he chooses. The patient searches for the best quality care for the best price and the doctor works to provide the best care for a reasonable price (else he will have few patients). This voluntary arrangement is what made healthcare in America the best in the world until the feds began mucking it up in the 1970’s.


Self Interest vs. Greed

Many have been brainwashed by leftist government schools about what self interest is and the difference between self interest and greed. Self interest is a God-given human trait that is necessary for self preservation and well-being. Self interest is healthy and is what drives the free market economy. The desire for profit is not greed. Everybody is born with a desire to profit. Don’t you want to profit in your endeavors? Of course you do. Everyone does.

Greed on the other hand is an unreasonable and excessive desire for wealth and power. The problem isn’t “greed” per se. That’s simply one of many human flaws. The problem is what’s implied when the incendiary word “greed” is used: the lust for wealth and power AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS – the exact definition of the corruption we have in today’s federal government. The lying leftist government schools make no distinction between self interest and greed and call all desire for personal profit “greed” – with one BIG exception: those in government. Somehow, those in government are angelic beings who have no desire to put food on the table for their families or have the finer things in life. But in fact we know those in government, especially career politicians, are the greediest and most corrupt group found anywhere. That is one reason Trump got elected.

So the lying leftist government schools conspicuously do not mention the greed of government officials, bureaucratic heads, and politicians in their lust for more and more power by essentially “legally” stealing more and more of your money. Eventually (we’re almost there) the government thinks ALL of you money actually belongs to them. If that isn’t greed, I don’t know what is.

Is there greed in the marketplace? Of course. Buyers and sellers are humans aren’t they? They are just like the humans that run the government except for a big difference. In the free and open marketplace, competitive forces will curb greed at the expense of others because buyers always look for the best quality at the best price. If you’re not careful, greediness can bounce you out of business. Many in the free market are there for healthy self interest. Some are there for greed. But in the free market it doesn’t really matter because the marketplace itself will weed out those who don’t perform honestly with quality products or services because again, buyers in their own self interest always look for value. You can only cheat for so long and then you’ll be gone.

Not so in government. Some politicians make a career of cheating the American people and often get promoted for doing so. All they have to do is lie to enough gullible people and hide their corruption and extortion. Happens all the time.


Government Corruption and Bribery Mislabeled “Crony Capitalism”

Bribes you say? “Crony capitalism” you say? Bad free enterprise and their bribes? Well think again. There is no such thing as “crony capitalism. Only CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. Free enterprise is not doing its job if it is not looking for every legitimate way to cut costs and increase revenues. If government is offering to give a business or an industry an edge through “subsides ” or flat-out bribes from special-interest lobbies, free enterprise would be negligent and stupid not to take advantage of such competitive edge. But on the government’s part, it is pure illegality and corruption. It is the bribe-taking feds that are committing unconstitutional acts and are outside the law. Get the feds out of the marketplace where they don’t constitutionally belong and all this special-interest crap and lobbyist bribes will be gone. That is the answer to government corruption mislabeled “crony capitalism”.


Freedom vs. Force

Government hates the free market because government hates freedom in general because freedom is the ABSENCE OF GOVERNMENT and its coercion. A major difference between the free market economy and government command-and-control economy and is the free market is voluntary – people exercising their God-given rights to their pursuits as they see fit – whereas the government is coercive and force is used with the threat of imprisonment.

Government is not your friend. It basically does one thing every well: force its will on others. If it is kept small and constitutional, that force can be for our good (ex. the local police). Our federal government was basically designed by the Constitution to do one thing: use force to protect us from invasion and incursion into our freedoms. Government is like a deadly wolf meant to protect us from our enemies but if it chews through its chain, it can turn and kill those it’s supposed to be protecting. That is what has happened in America. The feds have chewed through its constitutional chain and is poised to destroy our individual rights and freedoms.


Restoration of Our Free Constitutional Republic vs. “Conservative”

Whether all of this is “conservative” I don’t know. I don’t care about “conservative” whatever that is. I care about restoring our Free Constitutional Republic.


The Rule of Law in America Mainly Restrains the Federal Government Not Its Citizens

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The rule of law in America is the Constitution as written and originally understood and intended (U.S. Const. Art VI, Cl 2). The presumptions of the Constitution are contained in the Declaration of Independence which declares that the right to life, liberty, and free pursuits come not from man and his government but from God. The presumption of individuals being born with unalienable rights of life, liberty, and free pursuits means that government does not have inherent God-given rights to ANYTHING. God created man and his inalienable rights. Man created government.

This is a very important presumption, missed by many because it hasn’t been taught in government schools. It means that whatever God-given rights man does not delegate to the government does not legitimately belong to the government. The only valid and legitimate power a government has is derived from those individuals who wish to create that government. It means that if it is not a power expressly enumerated in the Constitution to the feds, it is not a valid or legitimate federal power. The power belongs to the states and the people (U.S. Const. amend. X).

This is the crucial presumption upon which the Constitution rests and is confirmed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. It is also why the government through its Supreme Court has ignored the Ninth and Tenth Amendments because these amendments confirm strict constitutional limitations on the feds.

The Constitution stands opposed to any federal law that strays from its constitutionally restricted boundaries. The Constitution is the rule of law against the feds – it created and then delegated limited and enumerated powers to the feds. The Constitution is the feds’ Daddy.

We need to familiarize/re-familiarize ourselves with the Declaration of Independence (D of I) and the Constitution. The Constitution as written and originally understood and intended is the Supreme Law of the Land (Art VI, Cl 2). All valid laws of the feds must be “in pursuance” of the Constitution (Id). Those federal acts and laws that are constitutional, are also the supreme law of the land. Those federal acts and laws that are not constitutional are illegitimate, null, and void.

Federal acts and laws untethered to the Constitution are not the rule of law as so many think but are actually acts of tyranny. Any unconstitutional federal acts and laws are by definition acts of tyranny and our obedience to them is obedience to tyranny, not to the rule of law. Unconstitutional federal acts are the rule of man not the rule of law. We need to understand the difference between the rule of law which protects freedom and life, and the rule of man, which brings tyranny and death.

To restore our Free Constitutional Republic, we need to get a better understanding of what is ours in the Constitution. The Constitution is designed to protect our freedoms from the would-be tyranny of the feds.

The Legal and Economic Arguments for the Free Market Economy as the ONLY Acceptable Alternative to Government-Run Healthcare

The ONLY good, solid healthcare system that works for the most people AND is constitutional, is the market economy free of government interference. Nothing in this world is perfect and nothing will completely satisfy everyone, but freedom and the free market is way ahead of whatever’s in second place.


Legal argument: The Constitution does not authorize the feds to meddle in healthcare at all. The Constitution did not create a central government to satisfy everyone. The Constitution created a central government to protect God-given individual freedom to pursue life and happiness as each individual saw fit. Why has freedom from government become such a radical idea in America which was founded on the idea of individual freedom?


Economic argument: Why would anyone want to trade the best healthcare in the world which we had until the feds began interfering in the 70’s, for the DMV or the Post Office running healthcare? “Take a number, maybe we’ll get to you.” Who wants some stupid bureaucracy inserting itself between you and your doctor? No one would trade freedom for tyranny unless it crept in very slowly and gradually without anyone really noticing. Creeping socialism. That is the only way we’ve reached the point where we are now.


When did the feds start unconstitutionally meddling in healthcare? When did the cost of healthcare become a problem? Both the meddling and the problems began in the 70’s and it was causal, not coincidental. Everything in the free market the feds touch turns to dust and ashes. Common sense tells you that when a third party (the feds) inserts itself into a transaction, the transaction will cost more because you’re also going to have to pay the third party. In this case, the third-party interference of the feds requires massive skyrocketing costs in the creation of more new, bloated, useless, and unconstitutional federal bureaucracies. Common sense.


Repeal Obamacare (“Obamabuse”) with the goal of getting the feds out of the healthcare business altogether. Although certain protections may be necessary for a one-or-two-step repeal, the repeal should be speedy followed by a quick divestment of ALL federal government involvement in healthcare. I don’t really care how or what it takes to get there and/or what kind of political maneuvering will be necessary.


My concern is that so few understand the goal itself – that healthcare must be in the market economy free of government interference. If we don’t have the right goal, we’ll never reach it.


God, by your grace, restore our Free Constitutional Republic.

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