2007 Prophesy About Trump’s Presidency Supports Anticipation of God’s Plans to Bless and Save Many Souls in These Last Days

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Reference: Did this man predict Trump presidency – in 2007?


Comment by SCL: Kim Clement, a highly respected minister with a prophetic ministry and who died recently, appears to have given a prophecy in 2007 and later, about Donald Trump becoming President for two terms. Everything about what Clement is quoted as saying agrees with what I have felt during this same time-frame about what God is about to do – pouring out spiritual, political, and financial blessings upon America not just for America, but for the whole world.

I believe we are entering into the final days (”The Final Countdown”) in which we will see God’s merciful and loving fulfillment of Luke 14:23 – the final, compelling, in-gathering of souls around the world lasting for the next several decades – before Jesus comes for His church.

Though it isn’t certain (we do not know the day or the hour but we should know the times and the seasons), I believe that before this century is over, Jesus will have come back for His church and he wants as many as possible saved and in the protection of the Heavenly Ark of Christ before his terrible wrath and judgments are unleashed on the earth.

God is saying to his children, “Arise, shine; for your light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For, watch: as the darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people, the Lord arises on you, and his glory is seen on you” Luke 60:1-2.

It is time to be bold in His grace and His spirit in these last days to be blessed and a blessing to many.

God bless.

“The Final Countdown” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAwWcifVshA

2016 NFL Divisional Playoffs: Analysis & Viewing Sheet

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Numbers represent overall and specific NFL rankings by points except pass/run ranked by yardage. Depending on who has the ball, compare offense/defense strengths in pass/run yardage to anticipate best game plan.

Top five in each category are in red font. Projected winners are underlined.


Saturday, Jan 14, 2:35 PM MT FOX

#6 Seattle at #2 Atlanta


Atlanta Offense #1:        1 Pass    5 Run                    Seattle Offense #18:       5 Pass    24 Run

Seattle Defense #3:       18 Pass   1 Run                    Atlanta Defense #27:     11 Pass    26 Run


The best part of the game will be Atlanta with the ball. With the best pass offense in the NFL against a mediocre Seattle pass defense, Atlanta should mostly pass. Atlanta’s strong running game will be severely tested by Seattle’s #1 run defense. Seattle should mostly pass and its strong passing game will be tested by a good Atlanta pass defense. Could be a shoot-out. Both can play catchup with their great passing games. Projected winner: Atlanta.



Saturday, Jan 14, 6:15 PM MT CBS

#26 Houston vs. #1 New England


NE Offense #3:                3 Pass    25 Run                 Houston Offense #18:    32 Pass    19 Run

Houston Defense #11:    2 Pass    11 Run                 NE Defense #1:                8 Pass     8 Run


The most interesting part of the game will be NE with the ball. Houston’s scoring defense belies their defensive yardage advantage over NE. NE should mostly pass but Houston’s #2 pass defense should do a lot to slow them down. Houston should mostly run but should be shut down by NE’s #1 defense. Projected winner: New England.



Sunday, Jan 15, 11:05 PM MT NBC

#5 Pittsburgh vs. #4 Kansas City


KC Offense #13:                  15 Pass    16 Run          Pittsburgh Offense #10:     13 Pass      8 Run

Pittsburgh Defense #10:     15 Pass    19 Run           KC Defense #7:                   12 Pass    24 Run


Pittsburgh, weaker in points scored than KC, is stronger in yardage which often means an upset in the making. The key could be Pittsburgh’s #8 running game against a weak #24 KC running defense. Pittsburgh should run A LOT. The question is whether Pittsburgh’s coaches recognize their running advantage. Often with a premier QB like Roethlisberger playoff teams who should mostly run instead pass too much. The Pittsburgh offensive game plan to mostly run will be critical if they want to upset KC. Projected winner: Kansas City.



Sunday, Jan 15, 2:40 PM MT FOX

#8 Green Bay vs. #3 Dallas


Dallas Offense #5:     4 Pass      3 Run                    GB Offense #4:          15 Pass       7 Run

GB Defense #21:       32 Pass     14 Run                    Dallas Defense #5:      13 Pass     11 Run


Dallas #5 offense should mostly pass and roll over GB’s weak defense. GB should mostly run but probably won’t with Rogers on a tear. Could be a fun game but Dallas should outscore GB. Projected winner: Dallas.

OMG! House Republicans Are Preparing To Hit Consumers With A Horrible New Tax That Will Harm Trump And Hurt The Economy

REPUBLICANSin the House of Representatives are inadvertently setting a nasty political and economic trap for Donald Trump. Yes, it’s the Republicans, not the Democrats, who are ready to administer an unnecessary black eye to the new President. That’s not their intention, but it manifestly will be the result. House Speaker Paul […]

2016 NFL Wildcard Weekend: Analysis & Viewing Sheet

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Numbers represent overall and specific NFL rankings by points except pass/run ranked by yardage. Depending on who has the ball, compare offense/defense strengths in pass/run yardage to anticipate best game plan.

Top five in each category are in red font. Projected winners are underlined.


  • Saturday, Jan 7, 2:35 PM MT ESPN         ABC

#11 Raiders at #26 Texans

Raiders Offense #7:     20 Pass    7 Run                    Texans Offense #28:       32 Pass    19 Run

Texans Defense #11:     2 Pass  11 Run                    Raiders Defense #20:     30 Pass    25 Run

Best part of the game is when the Raiders have the ball. The Raiders should run a lot. If they pass too much, Houston’s 2nd best pass defense could kill them. When the Texans have the ball we’re seeing lousy offense & defense with the Raiders having the edge. Texans could move the ball if they mostly run. Key to the Raider’s winning is mostly running the ball. Houston could win if the Raiders pass too much. Winner: Raiders.


  • Saturday, Jan 7, 6:15 PM MT NBC

#21 Lions at #6 Seahawks

Seahawks Offense #18:     5 Pass    24 Run              Lions Offense #20:           13 Pass    27 Run

Lions Defense #13:            25 Pass  20 Run              Seahawks Defense #3:     18 Pass    1 Run

The Seahawks 5th best passing game should beat the Lion’s low-ranking pass defense. The Seahawks should mostly pass. The Lions should also mostly pass. The Seahawks #1 rush defense should stop the Lions low-ranking rush cold. Winner: Seahawks.


  • Sunday, Jan 8, 11:05 PM MT CBS

#24 Dolphins at #5 Steelers

Steelers Offense #10:       13 Pass    15 Run              Dolphins Offense  #17:     5 Pass      8 Run

Dolphins Defense #18:     14 Pass    31 Run             Steelers Defense  #10:      15 Pass    19 Run

In points scored, the key measure of team strength, the Steelers come out much better than the Dolphins in overall ranking as well as in offense and defense. But in yardage detail on offense and defense, the Dolphins offense looks much better than the Steeler’s defense. Go figure. Maybe the Steelers have a deciding edge in special teams or field-goal scoring or maybe a significant turnover difference. Maybe Miami has a red-zone problem. Nevertheless, anytime the better scoring team is not the better yardage team there is a great possibility of an upset. The Steelers should run mostly against the Dolphins’ second-worst run defense. Yardage-wise, the Dolphins look good on both the pass and the run, and yet points wise, the Steelers defense should stop them. Winner: Steelers.


  • Sunday, Jan 8, 2:40 PM MT FOX

#12 Giants at #8 Packers

Packers Offense #4:    15 Pass      7 Run                  Giants Offense #26:         24 Pass      30 Run

Giants Defense  #2:      7 Pass       2 Run                  Packers Defense #21:      32 Pass      14 Run

Here’s another game where one team, the Packers, ranks higher in points but not in yards, so this one could be an upset. It will probably come down to how well Rogers will play against a tough Giant’s pass defense. Giants should mostly run. Winner: Packers.

National Parks – An Unconstitutional Federal Land Grab

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Obama Celebrates His Newest Monuments by Tweeting out Pictures of the Wrong National Park

Obama Celebrates His Newest Monuments by Tweeting out Pictures of the Wrong National Park


SCL Comment:

National parks or monuments are an unconstitutional federal land-grab from the states, regardless of how benign or benevolent such act may seem at the time. The only valid federal ownership of state land is described in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution which says:

“[Congress shall have Power…] to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;–”

National parks were not purchased upon consent by state legislatures for the use of “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”, so national parks are unconstitutional federal acts. The states can make state parks according to the consent of the people and legislature of that state.

Because national parks constitute unconstitutional federal commandeering of state land, the relevant state should exercise its constitutional sovereignty and reject and nullify such an act. Unconstitutional federal acts are by definition acts of tyranny – these are just acts of federal tyranny that start with a happy face. Tyranny almost always starts with a happy face but always ends in oppression and misery. States have the constitutional right and the moral duty to stand against such acts by, in this case, repossessing and taking command of its land from the feds.

Merry Christmas – A Time to Receive


ornament on Christmas Tree


Christmas is actually about receiving – receiving the amazing gift of Jesus Christ from God who loves to give.

We bring joy to God’s heart when we take, take, and take some more from Jesus. Our taking from Jesus is actually food and refreshment for Jesus.

The story of the woman at the well begins with, “Jesus being wearied from His journey, sat by the well” (John 4:5). Jesus said to the woman there, “Give Me a drink” (v.7). But then he tells the woman, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water” (v. 10). She responds, “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw” (v. 15). Later, “His disciples urged Him, saying, ‘Master, eat’. But He said to them, ‘I have food to eat of which you do not know.’ Therefore the disciples said to one another, ‘Has anyone brought Him anything to eat?’ (v. 31-33).

The answer is yes. Jesus was weary, but by taking the love and salvation Jesus had to offer, the woman refreshed and strengthened Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for your amazing love – for coming down, becoming one of us, and giving your all that we might take all the love and goodness you have to give us. May we learn to take from you and ever take all that you died to give us.

May you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Regulations are Unconstitutional Executive-Generated Law

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Recently, Obama set a new record for regulations, 527 pages in just one day.

(Reference: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obama-sets-new-record-for-regulations-527-pages-in-just-one-day/article/2607677)

Generally, regulations are unilateral legislative and executive action, not allowed by the Constitution, and unconstitutional federal acts are illegal and invalid acts of tyranny. That is 527 illegal acts of tyranny, violating his oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Absolutely an impeachable offense.

It is up to the states to assert their constitutional sovereignty and, after notification that includes Constitution-based rationale, nullify and reject such illegal and invalid acts.

Secession and California

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California does not have the moral or legal justification to secede without approval of the federal government.

The DofI is probably the most elegant and well reasoned justification for hostile secession maybe in the history of the world.

It outlines what leads up to valid hostile secession:

1) should not be “for light or transient causes
2) requires a certain “patient sufferance” while “evils are sufferable
3) notifying and submitting the facts of abuse “to a candid world” (27 specific abuses are listed in the D of I) and finally
4) “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such Government.

These are not constitutional dictates, but, as the D of I says, what “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” – Declaration of Independence (DofI).

A state can’t just up and say, “OK we’re outta here.” Individuals may leave, but not a state. A state purporting to govern itself must have more than “transient causes” to overthrow that which governs it.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. – DofI.

Where is the “long train of abuses” CA has suffered? Where has CA gone on record to show how it has suffered “a long train” of unconstitutional federal acts of “despotism” or tyranny, the ONLY legal, moral, and prudent justification for secession?

If it is not hostile secession and the feds via Congress actually give CA permission to leave, then by the will of the people through the CA legislature there may be nothing keeping it from happening. But I personally would be against it.

The DofI was a unilateral decision and valid hostile secession doesn’t need anyone’s “permission”, but it does require “as Prudence dictates” clear justification and notice given to “a candid world”.


The Intrinsic Tendency of Corruption in Government vs. the Intrinsic Tendency of Good Faith in the Free Market

Why do government buildings and equipment seem so often to be run down? Why do U.S. Post Offices so often look so dilapidated like they haven’t been cleaned up since the 50s?

The answer is the simple fact that people don’t really care too much about how they spend other people’s money or how they treat buildings and equipment in which they have no vested interest. Government money comes from private individuals who have little to say about how this money will be spent, so it’s “free money” to be spent however the government wishes. Government buildings and equipment belong to “the government” (AKA “the public”, AKA “the people”) but since nobody personally owns these things other than a vague entity called “government”, no one really cares or has an interest in maintaining these buildings or equipment.  People are always more careful with their own money than with other people’s money. You care much more about your own money and how you spend it than you do about spending someone else’s money.

That in a nutshell is a significant difference between government and the free market economy. Government projects are always funded by other people’s money whereas free market capitalist ventures are funded by themselves directly and through loans or venture funding in which they have a personal interest. Government people’s futures are not vested in the success of their government projects whereas the future of buyers and sellers in the free market are intimately tied to the success of their ventures and actions. Bureaucrats don’t know and don’t really care where their money comes from. Their buildings and equipment isn’t really “theirs” – it belongs to “the government”, so lack of care is commensurate with their lack of ownership.

A good example are the hideous Housing Projects. The people living in them don’t own them so they are in no position to improve them because the projects belong to the “government”. The bureaucrats overseeing these projects have no personal stake in the condition of the projects. As long as the bureaucrats get their money, the bureaucrats are happy. At some point, the original purported high-moral intention and reason for the bureaucracy is lost. There is a complete disconnect between the income of a bureaucracy and the performance for which it was created to being with.

It is a myth that only business has personal interest. Personal interest is very strong in government because “government” is really just a bunch of people. Personal interest within government is tied essentially to getting a paycheck and increasing that paycheck and power however possible. This is why government is rife with corruption – the bigger, less accountable the government, the more rife with corruption.

I define corruption in government as putting one’s own political/government career ahead of the interests of the politician’s constituents, those who the bureaucrats supposedly serve, and ultimately ahead of the interests of America. Government corruption is intrinsic precisely to the degree government income (“revenue”) is disconnected from its performance. Based on nothing other than the tax code, government revenue is forced out of the American People’s pockets against their will and self-interest. And it is never in the self-interest of government to down-size itself because that means government people being out of work. So government ultimately exists for its own perpetuation.

The only thing to mitigate unchecked government corruption is the American People through their power of the vote (and the states rejecting and nullifying unconstitutional federal acts, which by definition are acts of tyranny). To the degree the American People vote out self-serving government officials and politicians, to that degree the politicians will behave on behalf of their constituents ONLY because it would be in the politician’s self-interest to do so. To the degree the American People cease to vigilantly root out corrupt government officials and politicians, to that degree government corruption will continue and increase. Such is the state of things today. Unconstitutionally huge government is a win-lose. The only winners are people on the government payroll and the losers are the American People, the “taxpayers”.

Contrast that with the free market. Unlike government income derived from coercive, forced, and disconnected methods of taxation, income in the free market economy comes directly from the voluntary cooperation of buyers and sellers acting in their own self-interest. Nobody has to buy or sell anything from anyone. That means that in the open market, producer/sellers must make the highest quality goods at the lowest prices according to the buyer/consumers’ demand. Good faith on the producer/seller’s part is, therefore, intrinsic because otherwise the buyer/consumer won’t buy the product or service and the producer/seller doesn’t get an income. The performance of the producer/seller is DIRECTLY tied to his income.

Everything the buyer and seller obtains belong to them (except of course what the government forces them to give up). So, their actions in the free market are acutely connected their own interests and future. Since what they have obtained belongs to them, the pride of ownership and prospects for future business gives them great interest in maintaining the high quality of their buildings and equipment. The free market is a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. And since the free market economy creates wealth, people in general win because the economy, and thus opportunity, grows and expands.

The Presidential Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama

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Reference: http://www.truthandaction.org/obama-southern-whites-dont-like-im-black/ by truthandaction.org


IMO, Obama has proven many times over that he does not love America but actually hates America and the freedom it stands for. His promise to “fundamentally change America” defied the Constitution and was implemented as an effort to overthrow our Free Constitutional Republic. Obama has shown himself to be a sympathizer of dictatorial Marxism, Worldwide Islamic Supremacy, and Political Globalism. He has acted as the Enemy in Chief in the White House, defying and violating the Constitution he swore an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend”.

Obama should have long-since been impeached as a traitor against the country and Constitution he vowed to serve – and NONE of this has to do with his being “black”. That is simply a device used by a traitor as he is running back into his cave.

None of this should have come as a surprise. Obama consistently voted to the Left of Bernie Sanders in the Senate and during his 2008 campaign told everyone he intended to “fundamentally change America”, overtly refused to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem, and didn’t hide the book he was carrying around titled, “The Post-American World”.

Obama’s only contribution to the betterment of our country was to wake up sleeping Christians and freedom-lovers to the imminent threat of the tyranny of the oversized $4 trillion mostly unconstitutional federal government.

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