Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is the Poster Child and Vanguard of the Women’s Movement

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Hillary is the Poster Child and Vanguard of the Women’s Movement. What does that say about the Women’s Movement? Well, it says a lot and it’s not good.

What are the elements of the Women’s Movement, most, if not all of which Hillary shares?

  1. “Equality” with men – ambition to enter into traditional men’s work and usurp men in that work.
  2. Despises and afraid of men and masculinity springing from the hippie movement which loved labeling men with phrases like “male chauvinist pigs” in fear and contempt for men’s natural, God-given strength and leadership abilities.
  3. Despises and afraid of true femininity – their own true soft, vulnerable feminine nature – and replacing it with an outer “masculine” shell, frigidity, and often lesbianism.
  4. Despises homemaking and caring for her family, children and husband.
  5. Proponent of “free sex” which necessitates its partner, abortion, with the justification of “My Body, My Choice” for killing their unborn pursuant to the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade.
  6. Rejects the husband from being the head of the home.
  7. Abandons the home and children for the workplace, leaving the care and raising of their children to day-care centers and others.

What are the results of the Women’s Movement, most, if not all of which Hillary promotes?

  1. Bloody infanticide in the murder of tens of thousands of unborn babies. The U.S. National Right to Life reports about 60,000 abortions since Roe v. Wade. It’s probably more like 70K to 100K or more, many abortions probably going unreported or under-reported.
  2. Breakup of families and homes in women’s drive to reject their husbands’ role as head of the house in the home, abandon their children, and leave the home to compete with men in the workplace.
  3. Gradual breakdown of society since healthy families are the core of a healthy society.
  4. A “war on men” – the REAL war (the “war on women” is an invented, self-inflicted “war”). For many years, there has been a deliberate and focused war on men and masculinity spurred on by the Women’s Movement. Men are the natural, strong leaders in society, so ridiculing and neutralizing the importance of men and masculinity greatly weakens society.
  5. Sexual perversion, lesbianism, and acceptance of immorality to reach “feminist” goals, furthering the corruption and decline of families and society.
  6. Political and economic effects of forced quotas and competing with and replacing men in the workplace regardless of comparative training or skill which also includes a double standard for “special” treatment for women because they are women.
  7. Women are unhappier than ever. It is no surprise because women trying to be like men are like cats trying to be dogs. The Women’s Movement has helped women to reject and abandon their happiness which is loving and caring for their children, husband, and home.

God made women to love and care for the members of their family. The Women’s Movement tries to make men out of women.

What are the solutions, none of which Hillary will endorse?

  1. Abortion: 1) (Legal solution): Overturn and nullify the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision and enforce
    state constitutional sovereignty to maintain their own state anti-abortion laws.
  2. (Answer to the Women’s Movement slogan): “My Body, My Choice ENDS at the BEGINNING of Your Baby’s Body.”
  3. Reject corrupt, unhappy Hillary from becoming President and in any public office
  4. Women, recognize that there is a fundamental distinction between one’s role and one’s value. Women who have rejected the Women’s Movement and love who they are instinctively know this. Actually, most everyone knows their intrinsic value is distinct from whatever their particular role is.
  5. Women, abandon the idea of trying to turn yourself into a man. You’re a woman. Embrace your true God-given femininity, which is soft and vulnerable. That is really your strength and glory. It will bring you the love and admiration you crave especially from your husband and your children.
  6. Men, reject the deception of the Women’s Movement and recognize it goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when Eve, not Adam, was deceived by Satan (1 Timothy 2:14). Recognize that women need our protection and leadership. Don’t be cowed by their rebellion and screams of things like “male chauvinist pig”. Also remember, your strong ego is a good thing from God to help you provide for and protect your wife and your family. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. Moms, encourage young girls in the home to do what they naturally love doing – taking care of babies (ex. dolls) and the home (ex. dollhouses). Reverse the relentless anti-family and anti-feminine push in schools from kindergarten through college to take girls and women away from their natural, God-given desires toward the home and to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. Reintroduce things like “Home Economics”, “Cooking” etc in elementary/secondary schools.
  8. Come back to the God of the Bible who loves you, wants you to be happy, and knows what will bring you happiness and fulfillment because he made you.

Women have quite a price to pay to be married. They are likely to fail if they are brought up to compete with men, not to cherish and embrace their true feminine nature, not properly trained, and/or not a Christian believer who is teachable to change in God’s hands. The beautiful, honorable, admirable, and desirable apparel of a married woman is thus: “a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price. For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection to their own husbands; even as Sara obeyed Abraham calling him lord…” (1 Pet 3:4-6).

God’s will for women may not delight your fleshly ego, but it will give you the deep satisfaction nothing else can. If you need more proof, just look at Hillary. If you still need more proof, find happy homemakers. That will say everything.

You’ve gone a long way, Baby, and it’s time to come back home where you belong and where your happiness is waiting

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