The Election is Over – The Anti-Establishment Movement Has Just Begun

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Reince Priebus AND Steven Bannon will lead Trump’s White House: The Donald makes insider RNC (Tr.)
(by Geoff Earle, Daily Mail, posted on Free Republic,


Comment by SCL:
How many smart, astute businessmen did Reagan bring into his WH circle and cabinet? Many, and they were golden – the cream of the crop that to this day still stand out as golden individuals. I wish Trump would do the same. I don’t trust these political hacks. I really don’t trust Priebus.

I’m not convinced Priebus is not a political opportunist who saw the handwriting on the wall and joined the team that would help his own political future.

We should not give career politicians the benefit of the doubt. That is what this “anti-establishment movement” is all about. I could be wrong about Priebus, but I have a theory that there’s a presumption that career politicians (in politics more than two terms) are per se corrupt (their own political future is more important to them than the future of their constituents or America). The presumption can be rebutted only by clear and convincing evidence.

There may be some evidence to rebut this presumption about Priebus, but so far I’m not convinced and as far as I’m concerned, he stands as a presumptively corrupt politician. As far as I’m concerned, this is how you “drain the swamp” in D.C. and IMO you’ll be right much more often than wrong. Reagan brought a lot of non-politician businessmen into the WH and most were golden to this day.

We voted in Trump, but electing a politician is like signing a treaty with a potentially dangerous foreign entity. As Reagan said, “We Trust, BUT we VERIFY.” I’m glad Trump won, but it’s time the American People began to take the reins of their country back from the politicians.

The only one to “totally trust” is God, not man. We don’t give Carte Blanche to any foreign government and we don’t give Carte Blanche to any politician including Trump. We expect him to follow through, but we must be vigilant in insisting and VERIFYING that he does so.

However, our historical rule seems to be one of favoring politicians and giving them the benefit of the doubt. As Trump is now, so Reagan was an exception to this rule in his day. He was in business as an actor, negotiator for the Actors’ Guild, and spokesmen for GE, long before he reluctantly entered into politics. He brought an army of skilled, smart businessmen to do exactly what Trump has been saying: “drain the swamp” and streamline government to run like a business.

We need to implement this saying in favor of the American People: “When the American People are afraid of the politicians and government officials, we have tyranny. When the politicians and government officials are afraid of the American People, we have freedom.” I’ll err on the side of freedom any day, and twice on Sunday.

Trump should continue the “anti-establishment movement” by bringing in fresh, smart businessmen and non-politicians to “drain the swamp” and clean up D.C.

Trump needs to upgrade his asbestos suit for long-range use. His campaign suit is well worn and worked well for a year and a half. He now needs to prepare for four-to-eight years of sustained contention from all the Leftist entities that attacked him for the last year and a half.

He needs to double down on his resolve against these SOB’s. The Left will NEVER budge. The Left ALWAYS uses niceties like “unity” to move the Right more toward the Left. The Left NEVER moves to the Right.

To h#ll with ‘em. Screw “unity”, if the price is freedom, the constitutional rule of law, and our free Constitutional Republic. Trump was elected to Make America Great Again, not to unify with the Corrupt, Lying Left. Tell ‘em to pound sand and if they want unity JOIN US and re-join the U.S.

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