The Eternal Promise of Worship

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There was a time in my life when I was close to dying, and I felt very close to Heaven and to the Lord. Afterwards, I read about an incredibly beautiful and huge train of worship that preceded the Lord somewhere in Heaven. Later one day I was walking by the San Francisco Bay and saw something I’d never seen before or since – several large white birds gracefully swirling around each other going up into the sky – a magnificent sight – I couldn’t believe it really – it mirrored what I had read about the beautiful train of worship in Heaven, but in Heaven they were magnificently beautiful and dignified redeemed people who were flying and worshiping ahead of the Lord.

Well, anyway I felt myself saying, “Lord, I want to be part of that worship train – forever…”

What I’m talking about here is a special Heavenly assignment, as we will all have rewards and assignments in Heaven. I believe those rewards center on how close in proximity we will be to the Lord. I happen to believe that to the degree we put our relationship with Jesus above everything else now in our hearts and daily lives, I think to that degree we will have proximity to Him in Heaven.

Different believers will have different proximity to the person of Jesus even though all believers of course will be saved. That is what the rewards are all about. Nothing will be more glorious than closeness to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ because nothing in Heaven or earth is as gloriously wonderful as Him.

It’s a wonderful thought, really, and somehow some of us, not all of us, but some of us, have been given the desire for His person alone. I can’t think of anything on earth or in Heaven that is more thrilling with the depth of joy and meaning than knowing and being with the person of God and His Son Jesus both in resting with Him and in worshiping Him throughout the ages.

I have to say, the book “The Shack” kind of fleshes this out for me.

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