The Myth of “Benevolent Socialism” and “Benevolent Socialized Medicine”

Ref: Pro-life Leaders Rally to Support Charlie Gard [Medical Treatment] by Rachel del

U.S. pro-life leaders are asking the British government to honor parental rights and allow the parents of a terminally ill infant to seek medical care abroad.

“In the tragic case of Charlie Gard, the British government has unjustly decided that his life doesn’t have the value of others,” said Tina Whittington, executive vice president of Students for Life of America, at a press conference Thursday.


Pro-Life Leaders Rally to Support Charlie Gard


Comment by Jim Newell:

So much for “benevolent socialism” and “benevolent socialized medicine” AKA “single payer” AKA mindless government force taking charge of your healthcare which government doesn’t nor can care anything about. Government only cares about power and force.

“Socialized medicine”. All that means is government instead of you in control of your healthcare. “Socialism.” All that means is “soft” fascist government oppression, robbing you of your God-given freedoms. “Benevolent socialism” is an oxymoron like “benevolent fascism”.

The answer to the age-old misery of government oppression is always God-given individual freedom. The answer to healthcare run by the government (AKA “DMV healthcare”) is healthcare run by the voluntary cooperation between patients and their doctors in the market economy free from government interference which produces the highest quality, most available, and lowest cost healthcare in the world.

Note: In the United States, healthcare run by the federal government is not only oppressive, disastrous, and deadly, it is illegal because it is unconstitutional.

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