The Women’s Movement – Satan’s Tool for the Destruction of the Family and Society

Reference: President Donald Trump Speech with Melania Trump at The Women’s Empowerment Panel 2017


SCL Comment: The women’s movement is a major player in the breakdown of the family which breakdown threatens the well-being of our society and nation.

The women’s movement began in the garden when Eve, deceived by Satan, took the bait of self-exaltation and Adam who was not deceived, went along with it (1 Timothy 2:14). That is why women are instructed by God through Scripture to “be under obedience” and as “the head of every man is Christ”, so “the head of the woman is the man” (1 Cor 14:34, 11:3). Women are meant to be keepers at home and obedient to their own husbands (2 Titus 2:5).

We are living in an age unlike like any in the last 5000 years of recorded history. Until around 1900, history records that the world always sought to know and find God which is the essence of religion. But beginning around 1900, the world began to turn away from God and the Bible because, especially with the discoveries and inventions of the modern age, people began to feel that they had no need of God.

In this godless age, Eve is especially susceptible to deception. Without God, she is greatly vulnerable to being beguiled into rebellion, rejecting men as her head, rejecting their role as homemakers, forsaking their own soft, warm, and modest feminine nature, susceptible to sexual promiscuity, in competition with men forsaking their children and families, and, finally, the ultimate “freedom” of killing their unborn to the tune of many tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of abortions – the modern-day bloodbath of infanticide.

“Equality for women” is a major argument for the women’s movement. They argue that women’s roles of being keepers at home and obedient to their own husbands (2 Titus 2:5) leads to abuse and disrespect. But man’s misapplication of the truth does not negate the truth.

Unlike abusive Islam, the Biblical difference in God-given roles between men and women does not mean a difference in the value of each man and woman. Women are co-heirs of salvation the same as men, and men are to honor women as such “as the weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7). God values women as much as men. But equality of value does not translate into equality of roles. The difference in roles brings peace to the family and society. Equality of roles in the name of equity of value is a modern-day confusion and lie.

The women’s movement is full tilt rebellion against God and man fueled by the same serpent who deceived Eve at the beginning. In this case, no government made it happen. Government just became the great enabler.

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