Trump Family Should Sue Kathy Griffin Who Better Lawyer Up

Ref: By TMZ 5/31/17 Barron Trump Thought Kathy Griffin’s Beheaded Trump Image Was His Dad


Comment by Jim Newell:

This action by Kathy Griffin could be grounds for a lawsuit for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress to a Third-Party Relative (Barron) which requires

1) intent or reckless disregard of risk of severe emotional distress (SED)

2) extreme and outrageous conduct that exceeds all tolerated bounds of civil society that was directed at the victim

3) action caused third-party relative (Barron) severe emotional distress
*check* (if Barron actually thought that was his dad)

Kathy Griffin better lawyer up and I hope the Trump family goes after her HARD. Make an example of her and by doing so, back off these decrepit Leftists.

Note: I am normally not litigious. I graduated from law school but one of the reasons I didn’t pursue being a lawyer was I hated the idea of seeking litigation. Way too many lawsuits and way too many lawyers. However, this would be legit IMO.

Also, it appears she didn’t violated any criminal law that I know of. She showed a disgusting picture of Trump. No comment or threats. One might say the threat was implied. But an actionable threat against a public figure must be more than just a staged media event which this was. Nothing criminally actionable that I can see but Trump’s son represents an actionable issue IMO and I think he should pursue it.

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But… but… but…

…this would have a chilling effect on the antifas!

They might not feel free to do whatever insane shenanigans they please!