Pro-Growth Tax Reform Means Helping the Rich Too

What matters is which tax cuts will produce the biggest economy.



Jim Newell’s comments:

What matters is CUTTING EVERYBODY’S TAXES BY A LOT! The federal tax should be a flat tax no greater than 15% of earned income but preferably no greater than 10%. We don’t need taxes as a government tool of social or economic engineering. We need government OUT of the business of social and economic engineering.

Who besides the Delusional Lying Leftist Hypocrites came up with the idea that there’s something “moral” or “fair” about the corrupt and utterly unaccountable federal government money-grabbing the rich at a higher percentage? The most immoral, greedy, corrupt, utterly wasteful, and dangerously powerful entity in America is the mostly unconstitutional $4 trillion federal government. There is NOTHING “moral” or “fair” but much that is immoral and unfair about the corrupt and mostly illegal federal government money-grabbing the American people.

DISMANTLE the unconstitutional 80% of the federal government and a 10% flat tax across the board will do just fine. It’s time for a CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED federal government to answer to the American People once again.

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