Why Are Executive Orders Not Unconstitutional? (Republican Governments are Inefficient.)

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From what I can tell, an executive order combines legislative and executive powers in one act and one office, the substance of a dictatorship. The Constitution does not allow the executive branch to make law.

All legislative Powers granted herein shall be vested in a Congress of the United States…” (Art I, Sec 1 – U.S. Constitution).

From what I can tell, the only valid Trump executive orders may be those repealing Obama’s stench of unconstitutional executive orders.

It’s not enough to cheer Trump’s good intentions in wanting to right decades of wrong-doing by the feds. Constitutionally, HOW is just as, if not more, important than WHAT when it comes to federal action. Other than overturning Obama’s surfeit of unconstitutional executive orders, which of Trump’s executive orders are not unconstitutional and shouldn’t first be passed as law in Congress?

WE THE PEOPLE need to be more than semi-mindless cheerleaders for “our side”. We need to be watchdogs verifying the constitutionality of federal acts including those done by those we have elected. “Trust but verify”, Ronald Reagan said in reference to treaties which effectively is the same as electing government officials. “Trust but verify” is exactly what we the people should be doing with our elected officials including Trump.

Tyranny on the Right is just as dangerous as tyranny on the Left because “benevolent” tyranny will sooner or later become very malignant, malevolent, and deadly tyranny.

We the people must once again understand that freedom comes from the feds being constrained by the objective Rule of Law (in America that is the Constitution) and tyranny comes from the feds unrestrained and limited only by their own subjective whimsy and morality – the rule of man.

In America, the only legal bulwark of protection of our freedoms against the tyranny of the feds is the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution as written and originally understood and intended. Our job in re-birthing our Free Constitutional Republic beginning here and now, is to reinstate the Constitution front and center as the Supreme Law of the Land against the feds.

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